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Fujian Provincial Commission by letter groups of inspectors shall be more than East deputy inspector and other leaders to come to visit the sea end company research

The morning of November 17th, the Fujian Provincial Commission by letter groups of inspectors shall be more than East deputy inspector and a line of 4 people in the city of Nanan by letter to the Secretary Lin Liangquan and accompanied by industrial office chief Xu Yupei's coming to our company to visit, study and research, the sea end company branch secretary and chairman Lin Zhimin, marketing director Chen Pengqi, the party leader such as Wang Yilu of hospitality I must be dong deputy inspector line. Chairman Lin Zhimin was accompanied by a sea end production workshop and a detailed description of the status of the development of enterprises.



In the subsequent meeting of the forum, Lin min Zhi said: in recent years, the sea end has been actively promoting the popularization and application of mechanical and electrical integration of the two management system standards, to actively explore the "Internet plus" thinking to improve management, improve service, in information technology investment has a greater proportion of. After the new cooperation, the sea end electromechanical has developed with independent intellectual property rights "remote service system", which is the company through the integration of the two to promote a model of enterprise management level. This system not only has the remote monitoring, remote maintenance in a timely manner to the customers of the various functions, parameters, data can be collected through the system customers to use the machine, can carry out all aspects of communication with customers, timely collect customer comments and suggestions, can be timely sent to the customer's creative company technology research and development center, the amount for the customer custom models.

According to Chairman Lin Zhimin said the current sea end products are all mechanical and electrical installation service remote control system, is the first of the stone industry, enterprise customer service is also a useful supplement. Especially in the past two years, the proportion of the company's internal and external sales have changed greatly, the export volume has greatly improved, the role of remote services in the future will be more prominent.